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Beautiful by day. Eerie by night. These incredible locations in Wallonia are sure to send a few shivers down your spine. Are you brave enough to explore them when darkness comes?

The Eben Azer tower

This spectacular seven-level tower, built of flint, seems to guard over the Geer Valley. Look up! The architect added, on the top, 4 magnificent sculptures:  a bull, a sphynx, a lion and an eagle, representing the cherubs in Ezéchiel’s vision. At dusk, their gaze seems to shift. Less angel, more demon… Might they just jump down, all claws out?

© WBT - Olivier Legardien

The Saint-Antoine de Crupet cave

This man-made cave, built by the parish priest and his community between 1900 and 1903, depicts the life of the saint through many scenes. Its cast iron and plaster statues have this superb kitsch appeal but add evening shadows and they become mysterious, haunting, even. The most impressive one is, of course, the devil, which suddenly steals the show.


The Sentier de l’Etrange

A stunning path, along which the most curious sculptures can be found. On a misty day, you could mistake them for ghostly creatures. On a moon lit night, they seem to come to life. Did this one move? Are the local legends real? Are there witches, werewolves and monsters around?

© J. D'Hondt

The Château de Reinhardstein

Perched high on a cliff, this 15th century castle overlooks the Warche Valley. An enchanting sight! Did you know it was abandoned for 150 years? Who knows what evil forces settled there. We’re not sure we would be brave enough to take shelter there, even on a stormy night…

The Weris megaliths

The strangest sight. For the longest time, villagers believed they must have been placed them by mythical creatures, maybe even the devil.

For the longest time, before science proved these stones were planted there by our ancestors, villagers imagined they may have been placed there by mythical creatures. The devil, even! Who knows what supranatural events might still take place there on chilly nights.

©  Geopark Famenne Ardenne

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