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Wallonia is internationally famous for its happy, hoppy brews. Refreshing, they’re perfect companions for summer days… but, inspired by the passing of seasons, a little spicier, they will cheer up your winter too. Come and discover our Christmas specials! Walloon beers, what else?

Make a brewery visit your first stop: most also have a sales counter and some have an e-shop.

 Do you live in Brussels? Are you visiting the capital? Don’t miss the , very close to the Grand’Place, which has a selection of beers from the south of Belgium.

Christmas comes with exceptional beers

Dubuisson: Wallonia’s oldest brewery

To mark its 250th anniversary, the brewery opened a brand-new site: its Beerstorium. More than a museum dedicated to beer: this interactive visit immerses you in the history of the Dubuisson family (9 successive generations!) and the high-quality products on which its reputation is based.

Seasonal creation: the Bush de Noel owes its fruity taste and subtle hop aromas to the well-thought out choice of hops.

Buy it from… the brewery’s sales counter in Pipaix or from the VISITWallonia

Dupont: tradition going over 100 years

This Walloon brewery, now a hundred years old (and still family-owned), regularly wins awards for their creations.

Seasonal creation: forget Christmas cards, give a Avec les bons voeux de la Brasserie Dupont (Best wishes from the Brasserie Dupont) bottle instead! Coppery blond, slightly on the bitter side, it offers exquisite fruity notes.

Buy it from… their sales counter in Tourpes or from the VISITWallonia

© Brasserie Dubuisson

History and beer tasting at the Val-Dieu abbey

Combine your visit with a tour of its brewery: this is the only Belgian abbey beer to be 100% brewed in a living abbey!

Seasonal creation: the Val-Dieu de Noël is quite a treat. Think caramel and spices, dried fruit and a touch of grapefruit.

Buy it from… their sales counter in Aubel.

La Brasserie de Rulles: Gaumes craftsmanship

A different approach: fermentation, here, is done with open tanks.

Seasonal creation: try the Rulles Meilleurs Voeux from Brasserie de Rulles, a dark beer designed to comfort you on winter days.

Buy it from… their sales counter in Rulles or from the VISITWallonia

La Brasserie de la Lesse: local and sustainable

This brewery defines itself as a cooperative with a social purpose but also with a sustainable, local and ethical philosophy.


Seasonal creation: L’HIVEResse, with a taste of rich and subtle spices, is best enjoyed after a good walk in nature.

Buy it… at the brewery or from listed on their website.

© WBT - David Samyn

La Ferme de Mont-Saint-Jean brewery and distillery:  beer and more!

This fortified farmhouse, turned into Wellington's field hospital during the famous 1815 battle, now is home to a museum, micro distillery and brewery. Who could resist tasting a Waterloo beer made in a historical building and inspired by a recipe recipe dating back to 1456?

Seasonal creation: Waterloo, récolte hiver is quite a harmonious, easy to love and easy to drink brown beer. Make sure to check the Waterloo Original Gin (subtle touches of aniseed, fennel, cumin and lavender) and Waterloo Oak Gin (for more sophisticated panels), sure to bring a nice twist to your G&Ts.

Buy it from… their sales counter in Waterloo or their .

Belgian Peak Beer Brewery: highly rated

Located at the highest point in Belgium, close to the ‘Signal de Botrange’ and the ‘Baraque Michel’, the brewery offers a range of cheerful beers brewed with water straight from the High Fens. 

Seasonal creation: The Peak Winter, dark, full bodied and best enjoyed by a nice fire.

Buy it from… their sales counter in Sourbrodt or online.

microbrewery - beer - Belgian - Waterloo©  WBT - Denis Erroyaux

Interior of the Belgium Peak Beer brewery in Sourbrodt© Belgium Peak Beer

More bubbly ideas:

  • L’Ardenne givrée 2020 by la Brasserie Minne: round, suave perfectly wintery (yet without any spice) > Buy it from… their sales counter in Somme-Leuze or from the Boutique de Wallonie
  • La Lupulus Hibernatus: a pinch of cinnamon is added at the end of the brewing process to giver this dark beer a powerful character. You will love its coffee aroma too > Buy it from… the sales counter in Bovigny or from the VISITWallonia
  • La Bertinchamps Hiver, golden in colour and beautifully spiced, thus bringing spices notes of  caramel and cookies. > Buy it from... their sales counter in Gembloux or from the VISITWallonia
  • L’hivern’Ale produced by the Brasserie de Rochehaut offers delicate hints of caramel, hazelnut and spice. It is available in a beautiful gift box featuring a fine selection of beers. > Buy it from... their sales counter or via their e-shop
  • La Fagnes Christmas by the Brasserie des Fagnes, is malty, hoppy with raisin and plum pudding flavours > Buy it, along other terroir treats from... their sales counter in Couvin
  • The Brasserie du Clocher, nestled in a former chapel in Malonne, has come up with a bell tower shaped packaging > Buy it from... their sales counter


© Boutique de Wallonie - Axelle Plumat

Here's something to satisfy your taste buds during the year-end holidays!

Tips for beer lovers

 A map of breweries to visit in Wallonia

We couldn’t mention all our amazing breweries in this post!

Download this map to find more beers to your taste: we have added to the contact details the breweries which have an e-shop.

 Visiting Brussels?

The VISITWallonia, a stone's throw from the Grand'Place, is the perfect place to stock up on gifts.

Here await gourmet baskets, decorative and beauty gifts inspired by the south of Belgium.

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