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The Ardennes, which stretches to the South and East of Wallonia, is a real paradise for nature lovers and undeniably the most enchanting part of Belgium.

The hills offer, here and there, a rugged, windswept wilderness. Elsewhere, the gaze meets with thick forests, deep river valleys sprinkled with gorgeous villages. Head a little further on and you will in turn, marvel at spectacular underground cave systems and green peaks.

Outdoors can be enjoyed with equal pleasure through the year. In summer, rivers sparkle beautifully, vegetation offers vibrant palettes of green: well-marked walking trails demand that you get your boots on. In winter, a layer of snow often covers the high ground: perfect for skiers and the more intrepid hikers.

The region is also notable for its cuisine: game, wild boar, cheese and the world-famous Ardennes smoked ham and pâté.

And almost everywhere you venture, you come across traces of the two World Wars. The Ardennes staged the in August 1914 and the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944/45 – the last conflict to be fought on Belgian territory. There are numerous memorials, cemeteries and museums dedicated to the combatants in the towns of Bastogne, La Roche, Sankt-Vith, Malmedy, Bure and Hotton.

The region is surprisingly easy to reach – approximately 120 miles from the Channel ports. With its pure air and natural beauty, the guarantee of a warm welcome and the option of a stress-relieving break or some thrilling sporting activities, the Ardennes have something for everyone.

Come to Wallonia – and make tracks to our remarkable hill country.

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