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Nature, here, is never far away. You will be amazed at the incredible palette of green the region has to offer, at the variety of landscapes too. Countryside, beautiful paths along the river or former railway tracks, woodlands, geological curiosities, hills and peaks with mind-wowing panoramas: we have it all!

Leave the car for a little while. The best way to visit Wallonia is with trainers on and  a terroir inspired picnic in your backpack… There is an incredible network of signed trails to explore, whether you are coming with children or are an experienced athlete. Even better, these treks can be combined with a theme. You could turn it into a historical journey, discover a folkloric tradition, visit UNESCO sites on the way, even mix industrial heritage and street art.

Looking to relax? Choose a short distance or even urban trail. Want a sportive challenge? Opt for a long-distance itinerary. There isn’t one but several ways to enjoy these routes: walking, cycling & mountain biking or even horse riding. Whichever has your preference, get ready for an adventure.