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Along the water, in the midst of a plain, perched on a cliff: Wallonia certainly has dream castles and fortresses. Come and explore them (driving, cycling, walking) thanks to these itineraries.

These 13 travel booklets feature some of our favourite days out in the South of Wallonia. Ardenne, Meuse Valley, East Cantons, Grand Duchy... Each has its own atmosphere.  There's one for every passion: fairy-tale, history, romance, sports, beauty lover, knights to be....

Download them and start planning the perfect adventure.

From the Borinage to Centre Region - Castles in the Heart of Wallonia

This guide invites you to walk or cycle and explore Wallonia’s stunning castles, from the Borinage to the Centre region.

The Eastern Cantons - Abbeys & Castles straight out of the Middle Ages

This itinerary will guide you, driving, walking and cycling from one castle to another in the Eastern Cantons.

The Gaume Region - Charming Ruins

Couple visiting the Orval abbey in Florenville
The lushness of the Gaume landscapes calls for stepping of the car, walk or cycle instead. Its superb castles are sure to wow you.

The Hesbaye in the Namur Region - Lowland Castles

This guide takes you along walking and cycling paths, in search of the most beautiful castles of the Hesbaye in the Namur region.

Along the lovely River Semois - The Mightly Forteresses of the Middle

After the drive, no car needed: walking, cycling in the Meuse Valley, from Montaigle to Dinant, see some quite extraordinary castles.

The itinerary of a Duchy - On the Trail of a Great Fortress

This guide offers a stunning drive, walk or bike ride from Theux to Raeren, in the former Duchy of Limbourg, a land rich is castles.

The Botte du Hainaut Region - Castles and Fortifications

After the ride, leave the car aside. Walk and cycle the Botte du Hainaut region and get wowed by its incredible castles.

The romantiscism of the Condroz Region - Amid Fortifications and Roman

Get inspired by this itinerary, by car, walk and cycle in the Condroz Region: there are so many castles to admire.

Amid the Hesbaye and the Meuse Region - Mosan Renaissance Style castle

This route takes, by car, walking or cycling, along some of the Meuse Valley’s most beautiful castles. A fantastic way to see the Hesbaye region.

Along the River Ourthe and the castles of the Ardennes

Come and join us on this adventure. Drive, walk or cycle along the Ourthes for sights of magnificent castles.

From the Meuse to the Lesse Valley - Fairytale Castles

Couple in front of the Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne
This route invites you to drive, walk or cycle in the Meuse Valley, from Montaigle to Dinant, where castles seem straight out of a story books.

The Meuse Valley - Its Wonderful Romantic Vestiges

Couple of hikers with their backpacks at the Château de Montaigle
Poetry assured on this route. Driving, walking and cycling in the Meuse Valley, from Montaigle to Dinant, you will stumble upon the most magical castles.

Picardy Wallonia - Castles Across the Ages

Read on! This adventure, by car, walking and cycling in Picardy Wallonia, reveal exceptional historical sites such as the châteaux de Beloeil, d'Attre and d'Antoing.

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