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Love searching for antiques and vintage gems? Here are all the flea markets date for Wallonia. Make sure to read our tips and download our mini guide to make the most of these amazing events.

Bargain hunting in Wallonia

Our flea markets attract thousands of visitors each year. Some are art lovers or fashion enthusiasts; others simply love objects with a soul… There is something for everyone on the stalls: vintage items, delicate artefacts, recent ones that have been barely used. Keep some space in our luggage, you are sure to find unique gems in Wallonia:

  • timeless furniture and décor
  • modern and vintage clothes
  • memories of the region’s cultural heritage such as Boch ceramics, art deco and art nouveau items, all at interesting prices

Needless to say, our flea markets delight professionals, amateurs and tourists alike. Set yourself a budget, bargain a little and take a few treasures back home!

Where and when to go bargain hunting

Save the date! We have gathered all the flea market dates in a mini guide.

Have a look at our agenda listing all the flea markets taking place in Wallonia. This mini guide also is available as a paper version from our Maison du Tourisme, tourist offices and selected bookshops.

Discover this amazing selection of flea markets in Wallonia, which you can filter by location and date.




Top flea markets in Wallonia

The most prestigious flea markets only take place once or twice a year. Come treasure hunting in the south of Belgium!

Bargains all year

These events take place weekly or monthly : perfect to meet locals, find a gem or two or enjoy a change of scenery.

Our tips to go bargain hunting

First timer? We have put together our best advice to make the most of the day and find the perfect items for your collection.


Visit our Walloon towns

Make the most of these events and explore further. Why not wander in the nearby streets and museums after bargain hunting, maybe sit at a terrace and enjoy a heart lunch?

Our towns have much to offer: delish addresses, cultural and architectural gems… Even sweet lodgings, should you wish to stay a few days. You might very well fall in love with a place or two and make new friends!

© WBT - Denis Erroyaux

Bargain hunters, find your next treasured gems in Wallonia!

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