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Take a stroll and go treasure hunting for bargains, rest on a terrace with a good meal, explore the town further via its architecture or an exhibition... Tempted? Discover our selection of charming flea markets and fantastic events taking place in Wallonia. Why not stay a little longer, turn your visit into a city trip?

Old Arlon flea market

©  VIVIANE 6276

The streets of the historical quarters come with many gems! Wander through Arlon, one of the oldest in Belgium and look out for the flea market stalls there.

Arlon also is known for is Gallo Roman remains and museum, well worth a visit.

 Old Arlon flea market
 The first Sunday of the month, from April to October
 Stay in Arlon

Jambes flea market

©  meineresterampe

Come and see this delightful flea market, set along the Meuse and enjoys a view on the citadel. This weekly event gathers professionals and amateurs along the docks.

Follow this with a cruise along the river or cross L'Enjambée, the bridge taking you to the heart of Namur.

 Jambes flea market
 Every Sunday morning (from 7 am to 1 pm)
 Stay near Jambes

Saint-Pholien flea market and Liège La Batte market

©  Office du tourisme de Liège

Saint-Pholien, known as the "Champs-Elysée flea market", stretches along a central alley and features quality items. It is a favourite of the locals but visitors do cross the border to attend it too. It is much loved!

La Batte is the oldest market in Belgium and one of the largest in Europe. Set on the left bank of the Meuse river, it has a wide range of products: fresh ones, clothes, food specialities and a flea market. It has an enchanting, joyful atmosphere.

Continue with a walk through the town: Liège's architecture counts 448 buildings and 20 museums.

 Saint-Pholien flea market / La Batte
 Every Friday from 6 am to 1 pm /Batte: every Sunday from 8 am to 2.30 pm
 Stay near Liège


© WBT David Samyn

Gallery Léopold II, built in the 19th century in steel and glass, host sellers and visitors in a listed setting: the Sept Heures park. The exhibitors put their stall on Place Royale, in the heart of Spa.

This thermal town has kept both a rich architectural heritage, green surroundings. Come and see it!

 Spa flea market
 Every Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm
 Stay near Spa


Display of books at the book village in Redu© WBT - JP Remy

Located at the heart of the Ardenne region, this delightful village welcomes every year 20 000 visitors from all over the world - all coming for its famous book sellers. This flea market village has been specialising in books since 1984. The year is paced with many book-themed celebrations.

Curious souls will love the MUDIA, an interactive arts museum, while gourmets will enjoy the nearby local restaurants.

 flea market et la book fair de Redu
 All year.
 Stay in Redu

Les Aclots flea market in Nivelles

©  WBT - Denis Erroyaux

Set around the collegiate church, on the Grand Place and nearby streets, this flea market is not to be missed.

After bargain and treasure hunting, do step into the iconic Sainte-Gertrude church, where Djan d’Nivèl stands proudly: this jaquemart rings the hours with its hammer.

Then try the local dish, the delicious al d'jote tart.

 Nivelles' flea market
  Every second Sunday of the month, from April to September
  Stay near Nivelles

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