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  • Driving Wallonia

    Wallonia - Touring - Guide - Classic - Car
    Bordering France and located at a scant hour and a half from the English Channel, the French-speaking region is closer than you think and has both the geography and and the driving roads to entice any classic car fan.
  • Golfing Holidays in Wallonia

    BTO UK Golf Brochure Cover
    Great for golfers planning short breaks or longer holidays abroad. Wallonia ticks all the boxes: meaning less travel-time for more golf-time, wealth of cultural, historic and gastronomic attractions on top of great hotels and clubhouses.
  • Cycling Guide To Wallonia

    Choosing a Holiday on Wheels? You’ll love Wallonia, for this very reason. Cycling in Belgium go together like hops and beer or brakes and gears.
  • Motorcycle Tours in Wallonia

    Motorbike tours cover
    Five routes and everything else there is to know about this motorcycling masterwork... Discover great itineraries, scenic roads, historical towns, museums and race tracks.
  • Wallonia in the Wars

    By a strange twist of fate, Wallonia found itself at the frontline of three of the most important conflicts in modern European history. The years 1815, 1914-18 and 1940-45 saw this blameless region invaded, occupied, pillaged and finally liberated.
  • 20 unforgettable hiking trails from 10 - 20 km

    20 unforgettable hiking trails from 10 - 20 km
    Captivating routes, historic castles, unusual places, heritage and history, breathtaking landscapes, villages. There are many themes & itineraries
  • Walking in Wallonia

    Discover incredible walks in Wallonia, take a breath of fresh air by exploring unspoilt nature, picturesque villages and breathtaking views.
  • Surprising Discoveries

    BTO UK Cover brochure groupe
    Welcome to Wallonia, in southern Belgium. A region of fresh air, open spaces and surprises. The Belgian Ardenne is an area of unspoilt nature, with vast forests, rivers and picturesque villages.
  • 40 Food-Loving Tours in Wallonia - A Taste of the Good Life!

    If you love good food then Wallonia qualifies with flying colours. It is easily distinguished by diversity, quality, but also the distinctiveness of its products, their transformation and their promotion.
  • Wallonia, Fun for all the Family

    Family holidays in Wallonia. An experience to share with your children at the Félicien Rops Museum in Namur
    If you’re looking to offer your kids a taste of a different culture and a change of scenery without having to wander too far from home, Wallonia is the place to go.
  • Golf in Wallonia

    There are about 40 golf courses in Wallonia which welcome fans of the little white ball. The courses vary in type, with some designed by legends like Simpson.
  • Cycling in East Belgium

    Cycling in the ‘Haute Fagnes’, Belgium's Wild Place. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else in Belgium. This high plateau above Spa, some of which is protected as a nature reserve, extends eastwards beyond the German border, and includes the vast forest of Hertogenwald. 850 km of cycle paths, 17 themed itineraries and a former railway line converted into a cycle path crossing 3 countries through fascinating countryside. The choice is yours.
  • 89 Breweries to Visit

    Belgium is a land steeped in brewing tradition with a reputation that goes far beyond its borders. Historically ingrained in the culture for several centuries, brewing tradition has become integral to our way of life in our regions.
  • 46 Vineyards and Distilleries to visit

    Belgians are great lovers of wines and spirits which they like to associate with the culinary arts and also with cultural and social exchanges.
  • Did you say Belgian Heroes?

    In this booklet, we are honoring a number of our "heroes" for their act of resistance during one of the two world wars.
  • Wallonia Map for Campsites and Camping Car Parks

    This simple and practical map presents a selection of 3 or 4 star campsites, campsites labeled « Hébergement Pêche » (Camping and fishing) and the list of public areas and campgrounds with suitable pitches for motorhomes in the south of Belgium.
  • 23 Charming Towns & Cities

    This brochure outlines 23 towns & cities and all they have to offer.
  • The Battle of the Ardennes, December 1944 – January 1945

    The Battle of the Ardennes - DECEMBER 1944 – JANUARY 1945 - The beginning - the end
    In the final confrontation of the Second World War taking place from the 16 December 1944, the defeat of a numerically superior enemy was sealed.
  • The province of Namur at the heart of the Great War

    As at Liège, Namur had been fortified between 1888 and 1892 with the construction of a ring of nine forts around the town to defend the Sambre and Meuse Rivers.
  • Did you say Famous Belgians?

    Can you name more than five famous Belgians?.”
  • Memorial Tourism in the Province of Liège

    Twice in a quarter of a century the Liège region had the tragic misfortune of being on the front line of major clashes that involved Belgium.
  • May 1940 : The German Invasion

    The German Invasion of Belgium
    It wasn’t until May 1940 when Hitler ordered a ‘blitzkrieg’ or concentrated air and land attack on Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands that allied action really begin to gain pace.
  • The Meuse Valley - Its Wonderful Romantic Vestiges

    Couple of hikers with their backpacks at the Château de Montaigle
    Poetry assured on this route. Driving, walking and cycling in the Meuse Valley, from Montaigle to Dinant, you will stumble upon the most magical castles.
  • From the Meuse to the Lesse Valley - Fairytale Castles

    This route invites you to drive, walk or cycle in the Meuse Valley, from Montaigle to Dinant, where castles seem straight out of a story books.
  • Along the River Ourthe and the castles of the Ardennes

    Come and join us on this adventure. Drive, walk or cycle along the Ourthes for sights of magnificent castles.
  • Amid the Hesbaye and the Meuse Region - Mosan Renaissance Style castle

    This route takes, by car, walking or cycling, along some of the Meuse Valley’s most beautiful castles. A fantastic way to see the Hesbaye region.
  • The romantiscism of the Condroz Region - Amid Fortifications and Roman

    Get inspired by this itinerary, by car, walk and cycle in the Condroz Region: there are so many castles to admire.
  • Picardy Wallonia - Castles Across the Ages

    Read on! This adventure, by car, walking and cycling in Picardy Wallonia, reveal exceptional historical sites such as the châteaux de Beloeil, d'Attre and d'Antoing.
  • The Botte du Hainaut Region - Castles and Fortifications

    After the ride, leave the car aside. Walk and cycle the Botte du Hainaut region and get wowed by its incredible castles.
  • The itinerary of a Duchy - On the Trail of a Great Fortress

    This guide offers a stunning drive, walk or bike ride from Theux to Raeren, in the former Duchy of Limbourg, a land rich is castles.
  • The Hesbaye in the Namur Region - Lowland Castles

    This guide takes you along walking and cycling paths, in search of the most beautiful castles of the Hesbaye in the Namur region.
  • The Gaume Region - Charming Ruins

    Couple visiting the Orval abbey in Florenville
    The lushness of the Gaume landscapes calls for stepping of the car, walk or cycle instead. Its superb castles are sure to wow you.
  • The Eastern Cantons - Abbeys & Castles straight out of the Middle Ages

    This itinerary will guide you, driving, walking and cycling from one castle to another in the Eastern Cantons.
  • From the Borinage to Centre Region - Castles in the Heart of Wallonia

    This guide invites you to walk or cycle and explore Wallonia’s stunning castles, from the Borinage to the Centre region.
  • Guide Tourist Attractions and Museums Belgium

    This edition of the guide is designed to offer a foretaste of several touristic activities, attractions and museums. You will find all the information needed to tour in Southern Belgium.
  • Map | Following In The Footsteps of Napoleon in Wallonia

    Follow this 94 km route marked with informative history panels to follow Napoleon and his army's historical route in the last days before the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.
  • Discover the Battle of the Bulge with this new map

    This map guides you to the emblematic and memorable places of the Battle of the Bulge. Discover traces of wartime past: memorials, cemeteries, tanks and museums. Tours also lead you through the beautiful landscapes of southern Belgium.