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Quick, download the new Pass! This digital touristic pass, accessible to all, offers over 200 options and tips to (re)discover the South of Wallonia at gentle prices.

 How can I get my pass?


Two girls consulting the Pass application on a smartphone© WBT - O. Bourgi

The new pass is free, accessible to all and can be used as often as you wish.

I have a smartphone and have never registered:

Take your smartphone to consult this page and click on the button below to open the Pass web-app. In the web-app click on the ‘Install the web-app’ button to save it to the home screen of your smartphone. Last step: create your account in the web-app to obtain your personal QR code/ Pass number.

I have a smartphone and I am already registered:

A new version of the Pass web-app has been released. Rest assured, your Pass account has been saved. Simply uninstall the old version of the Pass web-app from your smartphone’s home screen and install the new version.

I do not have a smartphone

The pass exists as a paper version for those who do not have a smartphone. Check out the list of locations who can provide it.

 How does it work?


With this pass, you can enjoy over 200 offers and tips. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, you will have access to the list of advantages available. Once you have one you are interested in, select it to read to conditions. You only have to show the operator of your choice the associated QR code to be able to enjoy it.

Some operators allow you to use your Pass number or a promotional code when booking an activity on their website. If that is the case, it will be indicated in the general condition of the offer.

 Want to know more ? Have a look at our FAQ.

Two young women reading information on a smartphone screen© WBT - Olivier Bourgi WBT - Olivier Bourgi

 Consult and use the offers of the Pass

The offers of the pass change with the seasons

So make sure you check them regularly on the Pass app on your smartphone or the brochures of the pass partners below.

Discover the partners of the pass