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Looking forward to days out, enjoying nature and fresh air? Brilliant idea. It's such a wonderful way to find harmony, peace and rest. Just read these few tips beforehand.

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Simple requirements for nature walks

You will be amazed at the number of remarkable nature sites in Wallonia.

These enchanting locations need to be loved and preserved. It's easy! Stay on the marked paths, keep your dog on leash, take your litter home: these simple steps go a long way.

Ready for a hike?

Bivouac en Ardenne

Walking in Wallonia: our hiking map

Walk away from the crowd and make the most of your holidays in Wallonia. Our hiking map is sure to inspire you a (small or big) adventure!
Couple de Randonneurs feuillettant une brochure devant le Chateau de Montaigle


Download our free brochures "Walker's Guide to Wallonia" and "20 unfortgettable hiking trails" to hike on the best itineraries. With varied landscapes, intriguing culture and rich heritage, Wallonia offers something for everyone.
Bütgenbach - Vennbahn - RAVeL - vélo - wallonie

Our bike map

Get away from the crowds and cycle through Wallonia: there are so many itineraries to enjoy... Have a look at our map!

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