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Temperatures are dropping, the streets are dressing up in garlands of light, a wintery but festive atmosphere is settling in. It’s time to cocoon in, indulge, settle for gourmet dishes…Get inspired by our selection of winter activities and cozy accommodation throughout Wallonia. Don’t forget to browse our calendar of events!

Winter activities

A bespoke Valentine's Day

In Wallonia, once you have put your suitcases in the cosy, romantic lodging of your choice… no need to go far to make it a memorable holiday: there are amazing winter activities to enjoy with your loved one all withing easy reach.

Melt with happiness in a jacuzzi, enjoy dishes set as beautifully as a painting, enjoy the serenity of a forest and make memories that will last a lifetime.

A couple swims at night in the outdoor swimming pool at Domaine de Ronchinne in winter© WBT - Maxime Collin

A couple clink their glasses of wine at the Pip Margraff restaurant in Saint-Vith© Sarah Linden Fotografie

A couple holds hands on the Enjambée footbridge in Namur in winter© WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte 

...whatever the weather

A man walks in a snowy landscape at setting sun© WBT - Arnaud Siquet

Whether it rains or snows, there is always something to do in Wallonia!

Museums, breweries, restaurants, cultural days will keep you warm… and winter sports enthusiasts will be interested to learn we sometimes have enough snow for thrills and ski fun.

Cosy accommodation

A woman reads a book in her accommodation at the Nutchel Holiday Village in Martelange© Nutchel

Wellness stays

After a long walk, coming home to enveloping warmth is one of the many joys of winter. Add to that a moment of relaxation in a wellness area and you have a heavenly day!

Hotels, holiday homes, rural lodges, guest rooms or farm stays: discover our selection of cozy and well-being accommodation.

Interior of a lodging at Les Gottales holiday village in Trois-Ponts© Landal GreenParks B.V.

When booking an accommodation, you don't always think of how much can be done nearby. Our selection of stays with accommodation and nearby activities should help inspire your next holiday(s)! Touristic and historical attraction, walks, visits: you will be spoilt for choice, right next to your pied-à-terre.

Winter agenda

Men dressed up as Gilles at the Binche Carnival© Olivier Legardien

Carnivals and Laetare

Carnival and Laetare season is a particularly cheerful and colourful time in Wallonia, a reason, we are sure why, we are sure, the most iconic ones are known well outside Belgium!

Expect vibrant costumes, fascinating traditions and dances, brass bands. These splendid days are sure to put a spell on you.

Current exhibitions

Escape the winter cold and explore new worlds in one of the many Walloon museums.

Painting, photography, sculpture: choose what moves you, get your entry ticket and enter a new universe…

Designer wooden module resting on stairs, with a window to the front© Studio Makkingbey Prototype work at home for proofflab

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Set off to discover a territory as big as a pocket handkerchief, of course, but which the density of gems to be discovered is unrivalled!

For a week, a weekend or even just a day, let these towns and villages, their heritage, cultural and recreational offers, natural settings, gastronomy and above all, the conviviality and the quirky spirit of its inhabitants enchant you

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