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Looking for ideas to plan your next holiday? Wallonia is just the tonic. Less than 2 hour’s drive or by train from Calais it’s a quick and easy solution for a life affirming reconnect with mother earth.

Take your pick

Sunshine calls for cheerful hikes and if the weather’s not on your side, there is much indoor fun to be had.

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For the Family

Where to take your children next? The magic of our region will put the smile on your loved ones' faces, happy memories for a liftetime garanteed.

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Back to nature

Castles overlooking gorgeous valleys, woodland paths taking you to panoramic views, stroll along majestic rivers… With varied landscapes, Wallonia is sure to steal your heart. 

Cosy times

Relax in super comfortable, inviting chalets, wonderful range of campsites, gîtes with fantastic views, holiday homes with open fires.
Cocooning time!

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Where to go

Beautiful mediaeval towns and cities tucked between rivers and verdant valleys. Cute little villages scattered along the roads. Our enchanting Ardennes, a sight to behold. 

Road trip

Start your engine, the time has come to hit on the road again. Combine any of the above on a road trip, wheter you're on four wheels or on two - we've got you covered. 

Driving Wallonia

Wallonia - Touring - Guide - Classic - Car
Bordering France and located at a scant hour and a half from the English Channel, the French-speaking region is closer than you think and has both the geography and and the driving roads to entice any classic car fan.

Motorcycle Tours in Wallonia

Motorbike tours cover
Five routes and everything else there is to know about this motorcycling masterwork... Discover great itineraries, scenic roads, historical towns, museums and race tracks.


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