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Looking for the nomadic pleasures of a roadtrip with your camper van? Come and see us. You will absolutely love the South of Belgium, so rich in cultural and terroir gems.

Through this 6 days itinerary, you will get to visit historic sites, fall under the charm of breathtaking landscapes and delight in local gastronomy. We’ve got it all!


DAY 1 - Historical visits in Tournai

© WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte


The journey starts in Tournai, a city steeped in history. Park at the Esplanade George Grard, dedicated to motorhomes and a mere 5-minute walk from the city centre. It is the ideal starting point for exploring this charming city but make sure to book a space in advance.

Stroll the cobbled streets past the majestic cathedral, where you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Tournai, also called the City of 5 Bell Towers.

The oldest belfry in Belgium and the Notre-Dame Cathedral, both listed by UNESCO, pay tribute to medieval times. There’s more: don’t miss the elegant Art Nouveau buildings lining the streets, or the Museum of Fine Arts designed by Victor Horta.

© WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte

© Visit Tournai

Don’t leave just yet, you have to sip a Tournay, the only beer brewed in the very heart of this magnificent city…

But to stay on a hoppy note, you can drive just 15 km away. Brasserie Dubuisson’s Beerstorium will tell you about the local brewing tradition.

Perfect to end the day and relax.

Aire de camping-car à Tournai
Avenue de Gaulle - 7500 Tournai

DAY 2 - in the footsteps of Napoleon




Leave Tournai for Waterloo. History comes to life at the 1815 battlefield memorial, where the famous Lion's Mound stands. There are lovely strolls to enjoy in the area too.

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Waterloo Lion's Mound and surrounding countryside under a blue sky© Antoine Charpagne


Table set with beer, camper van in the background© WBT - LDV Production


Soldiers fire a cannonball during the Battle of Waterloo re-enactment© Domaine Bataille de Waterloo

Bons Baisers d'Aurélie - a weekend in Walloon Brabant© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie




After the visit, take to the road again and head towards Villers-la-Ville to discover its abbey, which walls still its rich heritage.

If you feel like going for a walk, choose a soothing stroll in the surroundings. 

The next stop is the absolutely charming Floreffe area located at the foot of the abbey.

The evening along the Sambre river promises to be a serene, enchanting one.


Journeys :
Tournai - Lion's mound : 1h
Lion’s mound - Villers Abbey: 20 min
Villers Abbey - Floreffe: 30 min

Motorhome area in Floreffe
Rue des Déportés 33 - 5150 Floreffe

Day 3 - Namur: perfect for a motorhome holiday

On the third day, discover Namur, dominated by Vauvan’s citadel. You can park your campervan above the historic site and explore its mysterious underground passages peacefully.

View of the Namur cable car and the city in the background© WBT - Maxime Collin


Take the cable car for breathtaking views of the city, then immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of old Namur.

It’s a such a joy to wander in the lovely maze of streets of the Walloon capital, where good restaurants are plentiful: temptation at every corner!

It’s now time to return to your campervan and take the road towards Han-sur-Lesse.

  If you can, make a detour via the Meuse valley. This route offers exceptional landscapes, imposing cliffs and panoramic views. You will pass through Dinant, known for its rich heritage, notably its citadel and the Notre-Dame Collegiate Church.


The journey between Namur and Han-sur-Lesse should take an hour.

Treat yourself to a peaceful night at the Han-sur-Lesse motorhome area.

Floreffe - Namur : 20 min
Namur - Dinant : 30 min
Dinant - Han-sur-Lesse : 30 min

Motorhome area in Han-sur-Lesse
Rue de la Lesse 3 - 5580 Rochefort  

Ramparts of the Citadel of Namur seen from the Esplanade de la Confluence© WBT - Benjamin Potie
Group of friends in front of the Belfry of Namur© WBT - Benjamin Potie
Ramparts of the Citadel of Namur contemplated from the Sambre docks© WBT - Benjamin Potie

DAY 4 – A nomadic journey near Han-sur-Lesse

In the morning, walk to the entrance of the Han Cave. An experimented guide will take you through the vast natural rooms and spectacular rock formations that stretch over more than a kilometer of galleries.

© WBT - Péripléties
©  WBT - David Samyn



For an unforgettable experience, set off to explore the animal park. There are 2 options to do so:

  • start your adventure at the center of the village, from where you can board a safari car.
  • opt for a walk at your own pace along the park’s trails and get up close to the animals. Observatories, viewpoints, benches and picnic tables enhance the experience along the way

© Domaine des Grottes de Han

About ten minutes away, the castle of Lavaux-Sainte-Anne and its museums offer a fascinating journey through time. Add to this a stroll through the ecological zone to learn about the flora and fauna of the region.

Drive to the Bouillon area for an evening under the stars, in the heart of lush nature.


© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie


Han-sur-Lesse - Lavaux-Sainte-Anne : 10min
Lavaux-Sainte-Anne - Bouillon : 40 min

Motorhome area in Bouillon 
Rue de la Poulie - 6830 Bouillon

DAY 5 – The wonders of Bouillon


It’s time to discover the legacy of Godfrey of Bouillon in the heart of a medieval castle dating from the 8th century. Just a kilometre from where you are parked!

By visiting the Archéoscope, you can experience the first crusade through a captivating audiovisual journey.

© WBT - Daniel Elke

© Péripléties


Head back to Botassart for a memorable hike to the Tomb of the Giant, a true natural wonder.

If you have the time, stop by the Poupehan panorama, which offers a spectacular view of the Semois valley and its wooded hills.

Finally, head to the Ourthe Dam area, where you can spend a peaceful night at the water's edge.

© WBT - J.P. Remy

Bouillon - Tombeau du Géant : 15 min
Tombeau du Géant - Poupehan : 20 min
Poupehan - Barrage de l'Ourthe : 1h

Motorhome area at the Ourthe Dam
Rue du Barrage - 6983 La Roche-en-Ardenne

DAY 6 - La Roche-en-Ardenne: a splendid finale to your road trip in Wallonia


Take a refreshing hike by Lake Nisramont where you can also enjoy an aquatic activity (paddle, kayak, fishing, etc.). And if you’re in need of restorative treat, succumb to Cyril Chocolat’s delights.

Conclude your journey with a visit to La Roche-en-Ardenne, a town full of charm and history, where the medieval streets and the castle evoque the tumultuous past of the Ardennes.



Barrage de l'Ourthe - Cyril Chocolat : 15 min
Cyril Chocolat - La Roche-en-Ardenne : 10 min

© WBT-Dominik Ketz
© WBT-Olivier Bourgi
© WBT Denis Closon
© WBT - LDV Production



This motorhome road trip through Wallonia offers much more than picturesque landscapes; it reveals the soul of this region. Get behind the wheel and let the roads lead you amid our hills and valleys, with adventures at every stop. Bon voyage!

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