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June 18, 1815. The day concludes with Napoleon's defeat, Wellington and Blûcher's armies have won. The latter, by signing the letter announcing the victory from his headquarters in Waterloo, will officially give the locality its full fame. Yet, the battle took place along several communes of the Walloon Brabant: Lasne, Braine-l’Alleud, Genappe...

The battle field, which remains almost as it was 200 years ago, invites visitors to step into history and learn about the men who fought and died there through 4 iconic locations:

Download these Brochures for more information regarding Wallonia in the wars.

Waterloo also offers a relaxing time, delighting sport lovers with its golf, walking and cycling paths. From there you can easily explore the whole region, go to Brussels or take a stroll in the nearby forest of Soignies, simply beautiful.

Shopping sprees are on the cards too with the city counting no less than 700 shops and boutiques. Don't know where to start? Gastronomy is the answer. Sit everyone around a delicious tarte au sucre (sugar pie) or a round of Waterloo beer, brewed in the Saint-Jean farm, used as a battlefield hospital back in 1815.

Waterloo is sure to fill you with wonder.