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Every year, hundreds dress up as hussars, generals, canteen workers... to bring the past back to life. Thanks to them, visitors can imagine how life was, 200 years ago, when fighting aside Napoleon and Wellington, sit by a camp fire in a bivouac and wonder what the sounds of guns in the background might bring...

The historic weekend of the Waterloo Battlefield – Mid-June

During this weekend, different events for the young and old are offered by the tourist attractions of the battlefield. A French bivouac is set up in Vieux-Genappe, at the Last Headquarters of Napoleon, while the allied bivouac is installed at the Ferme d’Hougoumont (Hougoumont Farm). The key moment of the weekend sees the two camps confront each other during a reenactment of the battle which gathers together hundreds of figurants!

The Waterloo International Historical Film Festival – October

The 7th art is highlighted during this original festival. History is the central theme here with a competition of historical full-length films, but also tributes to the big names in cinema – a whole host of possibilities await you!




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