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Bouillon, situated on the banks of the Semois, will delight tourists who love history and nature. The magnificent castle, set on a craggy rock, was the home of Godefroid de Bouillon before he set off on the Crusades. This is not the only link between history and Bouillon. The castle’s story spans a millennium: it’s the oldest vestige of feudalism in Belgium and one of the most remarkable fortresses in Europe. A journey through time can be supplemented by a visit to the Ducal Museum and the Archeoscope.

In the eighteenth century, during the ‘Bouillonnais Century of Enlightenment’, the town experienced another historical episode that deserves to be commemorated: its printing activity, which turned the town into an important cultural centre. Printing was initiated by Pierre Rousseau of Toulouse, who found in the ducal town the freedom of expression he wanted. Rousseau founded the Typographical Society of Bouillon, which established the town’s reputation throughout Europe. The Society printed gazettes and books, disseminating knowledge and ideas in various fields such as politics, science and philosophy.

The other great asset of Bouillon is nature. The town and the Semois river valley have inspired many artists, with a wealth of landscapes and captivating panoramas. For sports-lovers, the exceptional natural setting of the region lends itself to a multitude of activities with family or friends: walking and hiking, cycling, mountain biking, motorbiking, fishing, canoeing on the Semois etc. It's a great way to get into shape.

Local events include the Trout Festival, the Medieval Festival and the Hunt Festival – celebrations that capture the distinctive atmosphere of this historic town.