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The Hunt Festival celebrates respect for nature and animals, which are synonymous with Bouillon, and the public is always part of the fun. As well as hunting and nature, there’s also gastronomy and gourmet walks – all in a really friendly Medieval atmosphere.

Medieval Festival — 2nd Weekend in August

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Middle Ages in Bouillon! During a weekend, you’ll discover a historical re-enactment of around twenty medieval encampments. A medieval procession, an introduction to the crossbow, combat reenactments, medieval banquet, music, etc. are all on the agenda.

La Fête de la Chasse — 11 November

honours hunting but also the Ardennes. You’ll be able to attend the procession of different brotherhoods going to church for the blessing of animals. There’ll also be a big market of wild game, offering seasonal and hunting products but also other foodstuffs (honey, cheeses, ready-made dishes, beers, aperitifs, champagnes, other alcoholic drinks, etc.) to eat on-site and/or to takeaway.

La Marche Gourmande — Mid-September

Bouillon, a land of terroir, invites you on its gourmet walk to discover the region’s most stunning landscapes. The trail of around ten kilometres is punctuated with gourmet stops. Beers, charcuteries (cold cooked meats) and local cheeses all await you!



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