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Tourism and culture, today, go hand in hand with digital medias. Check out these 7 amazing sites, using technology to make visits more interactive, immersive, poetic and simply… unforgettable. A fantastic way to discover gems in the South of Belgium.

Sublime cultural treasures in the spotlight

A journey to the very beginning of the world, at the Domaine des Grottes de Han.

In the famous caves, the show Origin will transport you through time…

Set 100 m underground, this immersive 360 degrees artwork relies on the latest video mapping and laser technologies.

© Domaine des Grottes de Han

Origin: an immersive art show and an absolute must-see at the Caves of Han.

Incredible light effects under the citadel of Namur

The citadel of Namur offers a double experience when it comes to innovation. First comes the visit of its underground galleries: along the trail, visitors encounter 3D animations, projections, sound effects, all enhancing the guided tour.

Then, at the foot of the esplanade, is the Pavilion. Set at the heart of a cultural site, this exhibition space is dedicated to digital culture.

©  Vincent Ferooz, Pixel Komando
The citadel of Namur underground galleries: 3D animations, projections, sound effects immerse you in their history

Enjoy art through games and interaction

Mariemont museum: bringing games and technology together

Le #link[node|9693|The Mariemont museum, rich of an Ancient Egypt collection, has designed the virtual experience Momix.

Virtual reality will transport you to an embalming tent, back in Ancient Egypt. You will meet Anubis, the Egyptian god of mummification and help him prepare the ceremony for Hor. The necessary objects (canopic vases, amulets, coffin) are based on real artefacts you can see in the museum itself.


Mudia: interaction between artworks and visitors

Mudia, located at the heart of Ardenne, in the sweet village of Redu, presents some of the greatest names. This clever museum retraces the story of art, from the Middle Ages to present times. In each room, interactive, playful panels add to the experience.

Augmented reality: for a touching visit

Jacques de Bastogne woodlands: an immersive experience

In 1944, le Bois Jacques, in Foy (near Bastogne) witnessed fierce fighting between German and American troops. This event would inspire an episode of the TV series Band of Brothers. Now a pilgrimage site, it still features the famous fox holes.

An augmented reality app allows visitors paying their respects to see how the GIs, hidden in these narrow spaces, lived from one day to another.

Villers Abbey: QR codes giving access to augmented reality content

Villers abbey reveals its many secrets through QR codes, each leading you to an augmented reality experience: texts, videos, podcasts, audio guide will tell you more about the story of this magnificent Walloon site.

Learn about the monks’ daily life as well as countless anecdotes about those of lived there between 1146 and 1796.

Binche: a virtual reality headset at the Musée international du Carnaval et du Masque

In Binche, the Musée international du Carnaval et du Masque offers a unique folklore inspired sensorial and participative experience. See augmented reality videos and photos, a movie and try the virtual reality headset.

© Musée international du Carnaval et du Masque

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