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Looking for something a little different for your aperitif times and festive dinners? Something as delicious as it is interesting and that can start a conversation among food lovers? Or just interested in terroir products and buying from passionate producers and artisans? We know just the treats you need! Here are a few wines and spirits sure to add a sparkle…

Walloon vineyards and distilleries open to visits also have a sales counter. Some also have an e-shop.

 If you live in Brussels or plan to visit the capital, do stop by the VISITWallonia, close to the Grand’Place: a fantastic opportunity to get your fill of food specialities from the south of Belgium.

A memorable aperitif

Bubbles from the Hainaut region

© Denis Erroyaux

Did you know the Domaine du Chant d’Eole ’s Brut Blanc de Blanc was crowned best sparkling in the world in July 2020 then awarded more prestigious mentions in 2022 at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles?  
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Another gem to try: the Vignoble des AgaisesRuffus Brut Sauvage. With white blooms, hazelnut, almond, brioche and citrus notes, it has won quite a few awards of its own and the bottles simply fly off the shelves!
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Festive treats from Liège

© Domaine des Hêtres - Delphine Roberti

Also worth applauding is Vin de Liège, a cooperative dedicated to bringing vineyards back to the Liège region. Its 12 hectares produce superb organic white wine.
> Buy it on site or at the VISITWallonia

The Domaine des Hêtres, located between Hannut and Waremme, is well known for its production of fruits, vegetables and sparkling wines (Muscat or Chardonnay).
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Delights from the Province of Namur

© Denis Erroyaux

A castle, an estate, exceptional white wines… Perfection! Nestled in the Meuse valley, Le Domaine du Château de Bioul is a beautiful love story combining 11 hectares of vineyards, a fantastic cultural heritage and grape varieties such as Johanniter, Muscaris, Pinotin... Very close in taste to Riesling, le Muscat and Pinot noir, these plants are more resistant and do not need any chemical. The Château offers an immersive visit of its estate. 
> Buy it on site or at the VISITWallonia

Le Domaine viticole du Chenoy is a pioneer in organic viticulture in the region. Their passion? Creating original wines, reflecting the Walloon terroir. Trust them to wow you.
> Buy it on site or at the Boutique de Wallonie in Brussels.

Let’s not forget the Château Bon Baron, proud of twenty or so different wines.
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Love from the Walloon Brabant region

Sparkling wines from the Glabais wine estate in Genappe© Domaine viticole de Glabais

The Domaine de Glabais in Genappe produces a sparkling wine labeled Crémant de Wallonie using the traditional method.

> Buy it on site or at the VISITWallonia

Do taste the beautiful variety of sparkling, white, red and rosé wines (one a recent gold medalist at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles) made by the Domaine du Chapitre, a family estate near Nivelles.

> Buy it on site, via their or at the VISITWallonia

The final touch…

A dram of whisky

You may swear by Scottish or Irish whiskies, but we urge you to give this one a chance: Belgian Owl - The Owl Distillery, made from sustainable barley grown exclusively in Hesbaye, has been named best whisky in Europe.

> Buy it on site or at the VISITWallonia


© Ju on the road

A drop of brandy

The Distillerie de Biercée, built in 1946, is renowned for its fruit brandies and liqueurs (pear, kumquat, raspberry, orange…). Its signature creation is the Eau de Villée, which extracts the full flavour of Primofiori lemons.

> Buy it on site, via their or at the VISITWallonia


© CGT - Alex Kouprianoff

Rum, gin, limoncello?

The Gervin distillery specializes in multi-awarded spirits such as gins, rums, poiregnac and even a limoncello which has just received a gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

> Buy it in Brusels or at the VISITWallonia


© WBT - Denis Erroyaux

More inspiration

 A map of vinyards to visit in Wallonia

Download this map to find more vinyards to your taste:

We have added to the contact details the vinyards and distilleries.

 A map of gourmet visits in Wallonia

Come and meet 40 producers and artisans: 

Taste beers, wines, chocolates, cold meats, cheeses, snails... and add them to your festive menus.

Shopping for spices, tea and Walloon products at the VISITWallonia Bruxelles shop and information point© WBT - Olivier Legardien
 Visiting Brussels?

The VISITWallonia, a stone's throw from the Grand'Place, is the perfect place to stock up on gifts.

Here await gourmet baskets, decorative and beauty gifts inspired by the south of Belgium.

Thirsty for more ?

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