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If you paid attention during school geography class you might have raised an eyebrow at the tile 'Wallonia - Land of Water' and wonder how a region that's entirely lanlocked, without even a distant glimpse of the sea, could make such a claim. But it's True! And here are a few ideas to prove it:

Four great rivers and their tributaries have shaped Wallonia’s industrial, cultural and social history, and continue to do so today. The rivers Meuse and Escaut brought trade to the region; the Semois and Ourthe attract nature-loving, thrill- seeking tourists by the thousand.

Add to those an extensive canal network and some gorgeous lakes created by man but fitnessed by nature, and you have a recipe for a short break or longer vacation with the potential for a thriliing aquatic adventure in the wild Ardennes or a relaxed excursion on the calmer waters elsewhere. 

Watersports in Wallonia

©  DINANT EvasionEnjoy a relaxing and fun day in the Aqualibi aquatic park in Wavre© Belpark©  Les Lacs de l'Eau d'Heuremicrobrewery - beer - Belgian - Waterloo©  WBT - Denis Erroyaux

Gimme Five! 5 beautiful lakes to Float Your Boat

Ooh L'Eau l'Eau Water Way to Holiday, Kayaking in Style

Thrills and Spills at Aqualibi

Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop... Belgians Do Like Their Brew wink Microbrewery in Waterloo

Cycling Along Water

© WBT – Hike Up/Railtrip.Travel©  WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte©  WBT - J.P.RemyCyclists crossing a bridge in Celles-en-Hainaut©  François-Xavier Allard HCT

On a RAVeL

Along the Canal du Centre

Along the River Meuse

Walking Along Water

© - N. Glatter© - Dominik Ketz©  WBT - Olivier LegardienRandonnée à Redu vue de la Lesse© WBT - Pierre Pauquay

Going the Distance, the Transardenaise (97 miles from La Roche en Ardenne to Bouillon)

In the High Fens: 

Around Lake Butgenbach

Or around Spa

Country Towns Crossed by a River

©  WBT – Dominik Ketz©  MT Bouillon - Christel FrançoisKayak down the Ourthe with Adventure Valley Durbuy, view of the Durbuy castle© La Petite Merveille

Bouillon, The Pearl in the Hills

Dinant, A Picture Postcard Come to Life

Durbuy, A Village? A Town? Or the Smaller City on Earth?

La Roche-en-Ardenne, Hidden Gem in the Ardennes

Liège, All Eyes on the Future

Namur, A Capital to Explore 

Tournai, A Corner of Old England in Wallonia

Spa Breaks

© Quartier Latin et Reaktion©  Domaine des Hautes FagnesWoman in a spa, wellbeing at the Quartier Latin in Marche-en-Famenne© Quartier Latin et Reaktion

Waters to Enhance Your Life

In Spa

Or in Chaudfontaine

Heritage and Culture 

 ©  WBT - I. MonfortDiscover the Château de Jehay, a stunning example of Mosane Renaissance style.© WBT - David Samyn©

Belgian Chateaux and Gardens

Not the Size that Counts, Some of the Biggest Boat Lifts in the world are in Wallonia

Going Underground

Come and explore world famous underground caves of Han in Han-sur-Lesse, province of Namur© WBT - David Samyn©  Domaine des Grottes de Han©  WBT - MT Ourthe et Aisne - C.Mottet

The Caves of Han, Underground and Immersive Lights Show

Netpune Caves and the Black Water

Remouchamps, the Longest Underground River in Belgium

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