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Newly awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site (in July 2021), Spa is part of the European cultural itinerary of historic thermal towns alongside Bath or Vichy. This little gem nestled in nature is the perfect destination for travellers in need of a peaceful rest…

Ideally located at the heart of the Fagnes region, Spa has been of interest since the Roman times, reaching its golden age in the 18th century. Particularly loved by crowned heads, it became as much where you had to be seen than a place of well-being. Tsar Peter the first even stayed there in 1717: delighted by its stay, he brought back many wooden objects made in the region as well as the project to open a thermal centre in Russia. Spa’s main fountain was renamed Pouhon Pierre le Grand as a tribute to him. Queen Marie-Henriette, closer to the Belgians’ heart, found in Spa a perfect haven and finished her days there. Her name remains associated with the city.

The town may be focused on wellbeing, but it proves lively all year round thanks to its prestigious casino, fascinating museums and many other events which take place here. Spa also has a remarkably preserved natural environment and is a must-visit place for gourmets. Its spring water, slightly sparkling, will enhance any meal. F1 enthusiasts will also delight in the events taking place at its world-famous racetracks. You can expect a bubbly time in Spa!