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The thing that immediately appeals to visitors to Durbuy are its charming old stones and cobbled streets, where many treasures are to be found. Among these are the ancient ramparts, which long ago enabled Durbuy to obtain the status of a ‘city’. Strolling along these, as a couple or as a family, you can even find one of the original entrance gates.

Durbuy is a small town with undeniable romantic charm. Nestled around the meandering river Ourthe, its historic heart contains a maze of cobbled, winding pedestrian lanes, flanked by old stone buildings. Among these streets, don’t miss the oldest one of all, rue Daufresne de la Chevalerie, entirely paved with pebbles taken from the Ourthe.

The charms of the smallest city in the world extend beyond its walls, where heritage and nature harmonise perfectly. The Topiary Park is certainly not to be missed, without forgetting the green setting, the sheer cliff and its waterfall, and the rocky bluff on which the castle sits…

To all its visitors, Durbuy is a pleasant getaway to the heart of the authentic Belgian Ardennes. You can enjoy the softness of the landscape, the conviviality of its winding lanes and its restaurants, where the local gastronomy – especially the crayfish – is a delight.

Sporty visitors will enjoy the mountain bike circuits, a kayak stroll down the Ourthe river or a thrilling time ate the Adventure Park.

Durbuy is sure to surprise you…