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Fancy a swim in a lovely spot in the South of Belgium? We may be a little distance from the coast and the seaside but our lakes and rivers are absolutely enchanting. There are 25 wild swimming location in Wallonia, open from May 15th to September 30th, 2023.

This interactive map lists all wild swimming locations in Wallonia. Make sure to check it before getting on your way: it is regularly updated and the pictograms may change from one day to another.


Swimming is authorised, water quality is good.

Swimming is authorised but not advised to people, water quality is acceptable.

Swimming is not authorised this season.

Swimming is temporarily not authorised.

Dive in!

Here is our selection of must-visit swimming areas in Wallonia. Among the 26 public-accessible areas, some may be temporarily prohibited for swimming when the water quality poses health risks. We remind you that swimming outside of these 26 authorized areas is strictly discouraged.

 Before taking the plunge: Check the interactive map of swimming areas in Wallonia to make sure you can swim at this site.

Other water activities

Absolutely love water? Great news: there is so much to do on or in water in Wallonia.: 

  • Enjoy a cruise in the Meuse Valley
  • Speed down slides in a water theme park
  • Try a kayak or canoe adventure
  • Rent an electric boat
  • Try rafting on the Ourthe 
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Relax by lakes and rivers in Wallonia!

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