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Equipment? Checked. Warm up? Already done. Motivation? Top level. You are ready. It's time to start that run or that trail, push your limits, get that rush....

Permanent trails

Available all year round in Wallonia, rush over: nature can be a fantastic playground for trail runners!

Trail and running events

Trail runners looking for our next challenge: listen up! The Betrail calendar gathers all trail events taking place in Wallonia in the coming months...

Consult the Go Running site, the bible of local runners: it lists all the competitions organised in Belgium. You can't wish for a more complete agenda.

Want more still? We've got you. Here are more sports events dedicated to runners! Go on, run away, you are sure to find your dream race.

Running is a joy, a personal challenge bus also comes with a great respect for the natural spaces enjoyed. Check our Hiker's chart for our tips.

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