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Mountain biker? Racing cyclist? Combine sports and leisure through the stunning forests and landscapes the south of Belgium is renowned for…

Wallonia is the perfect playground for those wishing to take cycling to the next level. Mountain bikes, Enduro, Gravel bikes, road bike: we have trail for all kind of adventures.

Markings specific to each activity

Beginners and experts both can find inspiration in our selection of trails. But first – which is your discipline of choice?


GRVL = Gravel

  With a Gravel bike, a drop-bar bike designed to let you ride comfortably over many different surfaces and over long distances

  Physical effort, long distance, landscapes, discovery


EN = Enduro

  With an Enduro mountain bike adapted to your skills

 Downhill fun, cycling experience, landscapes, nature


XC = Cross-Country

  With a XC mountain bike fit for training or competition

  Cycling experience, thrills, narrow paths, nature

Descente et freestyle

DH = Downhill  FR = Freestyle

 With a Downhill and Free Ride mountain bike

  Downhill fun, cycling experience

One colour per level of difficulty

Each discipline is sorted by level of difficulty:










 Connecting routes




Trails for everyone and every mood

Download our ready-made itineraries to discover Wallonia in a  sporty way!

Whether you love to compete or prefer to watch your favourite top cyclists from the side line, why not check our list of events, all dedicated to bike-related events? No need to train to have fun in Wallonia…

If you are ready to get in the saddle but are looking for short distances bike rides, check out our favourite ideas to explore the region

 Respect is essential

Nature days out are such a wonderful way to relax, breathe, share with loved one. To keep it a pleasure for everyone, let’s take care of the environment when exploring