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This "Trail station" is located by the Herbeumont castle, which overlooks the nearby village. From there start 6 hikes (for all sports level) and 4 fitness trails- in other words, 95 km of marked paths to explore...

Each itinerary has its own marking. The trail number and its colour (reflecting the difficulty level) are clearly (and regularly) indicated.

The trails stretch through the forest. the region's varied relief proves perfect for those wishing to change pace regularly, add a few steep paths (going up or down) along the way. 


  • Trail 1: Conques woodlands (10.9 km)
  • Trail 2: Tombeau du Chevalier (8.8 km)
  • Trail 3: Libaipire (15.7 km)
  • Trail 4: Herbeumont Forest (17.5 km)
  • Trail 5: Vanne des Moines (30.6 km)
  • Trail 6: Semois Valley (27.4 km)
  • Fitness trail 1: Loop-Fartlek (3 km)
  • Fitness trail 2: Hills (234 m)
  • Fitness trail 3: Loop-Trail (5 km)
  • Fitness trail 4: Tracks (550 m)

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