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Wallonia has a number of cycle routes linked to each other by intersections, known locally as points-noeuds. Already well known in the Netherlands and Flanders, Wallonia is developing the intersecting network fast.

‘Points-noeuds’ help cyclists create an itinerary to suit themselves, according to their capabilities. A simple system of numbers and signposts at each intersection makes the different routes easy to follow. It also allows cyclists to alter their itinerary at the midway point, just as the fancy takes them. 


 How does it work?

You can already download suggestions of themed bike rides. Fancy designing your own route? Here are steps to follow:

  1. Find your future route (loop or straight line) and click on the numbered notes you will need to follow
  2. Download the itinerary in GPX format or create a free account to transfer it to the Wallobike app. You can get it (for free) from the Apple Store or Google Play. No smartphone? Simply note down the node numbers and the distance between each tag on a paper and take it along.
  3. Get on your bike, find the first tag and follow the arrow leading to the next node.... all the way to your destination
  4. Enjoy the ride!

More information

Common in Flanders and the Netherlands, this fantastic network of bike paths and nodes has been adapted to Wallonia.

Thanks to a simple system of directional tags, you can adapt your adventure as you wish. In the South of Belgium, each province (Hainaut, Liège, Luxembourg, Namur, and Walloon Brabant) has its own network. Connections with nearby regions also do exist.

Paper maps (some free, others for a fee) are available in the local tourist offices or at the Boutique de Wallonie.

Here is where to find information on each Walloon node network:

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