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Can't wait getting on your bike? There are so many itineraries to enjoy... Have a look at our map!

Please remember that some areas may end up not being accessible for various reasons (fauna or flora protection, COVID restrictions, Hunting season...). Please check before getting on your way. The Hautes Fagnes region is limiting the daily number of visitors at the moment. For more information: Maison du Tourisme Hautes Fagnes - Eastern Cantons.

With family, friends or on your own,  stunning itineraries and plenty of fresh air await. Some are loops, others go from a town to another, along the RAVeL network. Follow nodes or our markers and you will easily find your way. The only difficulty is choosing wich itinerary is your favourite.

Wallonia enjoys a remarkable diversity of landscapes, water ways, towns and villages, cultural heritage. Its generous nature will help you disconnect from it all.

This way for brilliant itineraries!


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Walking in Wallonia: our hiking map

Walk away from the crowd and make the most of your holidays in Wallonia. Our hiking map is sure to inspire you a (small or big) adventure!
Wallonie - destination - nature - 2020 - Campagne - explorateurs

Nature in Wallonia

Rivers, soft green valleys, hills and rock formations, nature reserves, glorious,countryside. Yes, Wallonia is the perfect place to plan your next nature-themed holiday.


Download our free brochures "Walker's Guide to Wallonia" and "20 unfortgettable hiking trails" to hike on the best itineraries. With varied landscapes, intriguing culture and rich heritage, Wallonia offers something for everyone.

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