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At the edge of the Hautes Fagnes, Malmedy's rich cultural and natural heritage is sure to enchant visitors. Come along, the city is known for its warm welcome and its cheerfulness! You might even learn a little Walloon as you go along: the name of the streets appear both in French and in the local dialect.

An exceptional heritage

The fame of the Cwarmê of Malmedy (carnival) has travelled far, further even than the country's borders! For four full days, the city is in joy, the streets turning into a giant party... The rest of the year, Malmedy's main attractions are its peaceful cathedral, proud of a beautiful treasury, and its monastery. The latter is home to the Malmundarium, a cultural centre retracing the history of the city and presenting its former industries (leather and paper making). Take the time to wander through its pretty streets and wow at the superb obelisk on Place Saint Albert: it dates back to 1781.

The door to the Hautes Fagnes

Malmedy, through which goes the RAVel, is a perfect place to start hikes from. One of the trails goes to the sweet village of Bellevaux and its microbrewery. Its hilly terrain will delight mountain bikers.

The Maison du Tourisme offers a choice of  5 walks and one foot-trail to explore the area. Stunning landscapes guaranteed!

Starting from the village of Chôdes, you can reach the mountain ridges of the Warche and enjoy exceptional panoramas on the region. The itinerary will take you to the Château de Rheinhardstein and bring you back to your starting point through the Warche valley.