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Malmedy is sure to make your mouth water. Try its carnival dish, delicious Baisers biscuits, the local beer...

Russian Salad

Made exclusively for the carnival! The dish, made from herrings and beetroot, was easy to make in advance and kept very well: perfect for the party goers with no time to cook and a need for much restorative food.

Product from the Framboiserie de Malmedy

This quality boutique sells tasty seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as products derived from them: jams, cordials, jelly..

Baisers de Malmedy

This cake is composed of two little meringues held together by whipped or iced buttercream. It is said to have been invented in the 19th century and sold under the name “blankès meringues” (white meringues) with its more romantic appellation appearing around 1930.

Bellevaux Beers

These craft top-fermented beers, unfiltered and unpasteurised, can be found easily in shops and cafes. Why not sample them at the brewery directly, which arranges tours of its facilities?

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