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The Cwarmê (or carnival) is the most looked forward time of the year in Malmedy. These vibrant festivities are listed as Wallonia's intangible cultural heritage. But there is more to discover through the year:

Cwarmê de Malmedy - February

Four Thursdays preceding Shrove Tuesday, balls and parades are staged throughout the town in a gradual build-up to the main event. The carnival itself begins at midnight on the Friday before Lent and lasts until midnight on Shrove Tuesday: 4 full days of fun!

The city then fills with colourful, folkloric character characters. Don't miss the Sunday procession: the Haguètes (masked figures in red robes and plumed hats) wander through the city, grabbing onlookers with their hape-tchâr (a kind wooden tongs) until they kneel and ask for forgiveness... All in good spirits of course.

Giant omelette - 15 August

Every year, the World Brotherhood of the Giant Omelette takes 10,000 eggs and makes a giant omelette on the Place de Rome, using a 4-metre-wide frying pan: a real feast, shared with the public. Add concerts, activities, BBQs... A fantastic way to celebrate summer.

Hivernales - December-March

Winter is no reason not to have fun! The city organises a wide range of activities and attractions to keep everyone smiling through the cold season: an ice rink, a Christmas village, walks, exhibitions, concerts...

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