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Beaumont is well known in Wallonia to lovers of sweet treats: its sumptuous macarons are source of great pride and pure delight.

Beaumont, Napoleon and macarons

The day before the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon's brother's imperial troops are said to have set up their headquarters on the Grand-Place. Their cook gave his macaron recipe to a local pastry chef.

The recipe was passed down in his family: the fourth generation still keeps the recipe for this little biscuit made from egg white, sugar and almonds a secret.

There is nothing sweeter than candy

To each town its specialty. The macarons from Beaumont cannot be compared to the ones made in Mons, the Bernardin biscuits (made with almond, sugar and brown sugar) made in Fleurus differ from those baked in Chimay, the Baiser de Marche (two meringues with cream in between) competes with those found in Malmédy.... One is quite unique: the couque of Dinant (made with glour, honey and sugar). This one, particlarly hard, is made to be sucked, not crunched!

Wherever you go there is a little piece of heaven to be enjoyed.

Here are a few addresses where you can (and should!) indulge...

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