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Do not judge Nivelles on its size: its rich historical heritage is sure to take your breath away. It's not all about museums: a simple stroll through the city will reveal many traditional details engrained in everyday life.

The sweet town of Nivelles is known for its Sainte-Gertrude collegiate church. Look up and you will see, on the side of the South tower, the copper figurine of « Djan d’Nivèle » (an iconic knight of the region) marking each hour with its hammer.

The first city to be managed by women in the country, Nivelles placed itself as avant-gardiste. Enjoy a walk in its old town, reminiscent of medieval times or in the Dodaine park, speckled with art works.

In Nivelles, you will learn about Belgium's first sisterhood, Lady Gertrude's, which aims, to this day, at valorising the cultural life of the city and its folklore. The Canestia, the local sweet, for example, is still served with coffees and teas.

Don't miss the Simone tower (part of the former ramparts), the Saint-Jacques district (where the pilgrims of Compostelle used to stay), the communal museum and its many gems.

Nivelles' carnival is worth putting in your agenda. The festivities, which last several days, start with the children's procession on the Sunday, continue with the Aclots procession the Monday evening and end on stunning fireworks on the Tuesday.