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Whether savoury or sweet, Nivelles' fantastic specialties are sure to delight the whole family. Some recipes are traditional, having been passed down from one generation to another, while others are recent addition to the local gastronomy.


This biscuit, an ancestor of the “bonbon de Nivelles”, is made by the Consoeurie des Secrets de Dame Gertrude (Sisterhood of the Secrets of Dame Gertrude). Made from candy sugar and flour, it goes really well with a good beer from Nivelles.


As soon as winter arrives, the inhabitants of Nivelles reinvigorate themselves by eating flavoursome buckwheat pancakes garnished with seasoned full-fat cheese. These are served warm with a little butter.

Djan d’Nivèle

This young blonde beer is perfect for accompanying a tasty Târte al Djote. You’ll discover lovely fruity flavours for a well-balanced tasting.

Târte al Djote

It’s impossible to visit Nivelles without tasting the famous Târte al Djote which now is certified. This tart consisting of “bétchéye” (a fermented cheese made from cow’s milk) and chards, delights the most discerning palettes.

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