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Discover Marche-en-Famenne, a unique city in the South of Belgium that renewed its urban centre by making it car free. It is such a pleasure to wander through its pleasant streets and sweet courtyards, walking or cycling, and admire its 18th century architecture. Its poetic atmosphere is sure to enchant you. There is something for everyone: families, foodies, nature lovers...

Marche-en-Famenne was named an in 2011 (the award given to Exceptional European Destinations) for its successful urban development. As part of the project, stunning statues were added between the Pirire and Carmel roundabouts, an artistic trail worth a detour. An event with living statues takes place every year in parallel. Visitors will also love the Famenne museum and superb .

There is much to enjoy in town - shopping, gastronomic delights... as well as traditional events such as the Grosse Biesse carnival or the 1900 inspired market. There is always something fun happening.

The city, nestled between the Lesse and outhe valleys, is surrounded by stunning landscapes. Fond des Vaulx, at the edge of Marche-en-Famenne, offers 15 hectares of walks in nature, a perfect opportunity to have a closer look at the local fauna and flora. The Marche-Hotton RAVeL will also prove perfect for hikes and cycle rides, should you wish to explore further still.