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Saint-Hubert being a rather delicious region... cured meat and saucisson do come to mind. But the many shops in the city are sure to inspire you! Here are a few we love:

The Table des Champions

Want to sample the authentic flavours of the Ardennes? This butcher’s shop, at the heart of the town, invites you to (re)discover the aromas and flavours of days gone by. Sausages drying on the walls, a wild boar’s head takes pride of place near the bar… The tradition and values of the region are certainly one high on its priorities.

Boucherie Benoît Gillard

This butcher’s shop features products made exclusively in its workshop with fantastic expertise. Everything is prepared from local livestock for the best quality possible.

The boutique de la Maison du Tourisme

In Saint-Hubert, the Tourist Office is keen on sharing the city's incredible heritage with all generations. The shop offers a fantastic range of decorations and local products. Warm welcome included.

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