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Saint-Hubert, with its unique setting and fantastic atmosphere, guarantees wonderful times with friends and family.

Forgotten trades (July)

Every year, the Museum of Rural Life in Wallonia holds a very special day known as Les Djins d’amon nos-ôtes or People from around here featuring trades of the past, craft demonstration and how daily life used to be like in the region back in the 19th century.

Hunting and nature international days (September)

An iconic event in Saint-Hubert, the European capital of the hunting horn! A solemn high mass featuring horn players, a blessing of animals, historic shows, a crafts and forest market: you are sure to be wowed.

Stag bellowing (September-October)

Every autumn, the stag ensures his progeny with its famous bellowing ritual. Special walks are organised to listen to this extraordinary concert - at a safe distance of the animals, of course, to not disturb them.

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