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Official classification of an attraction in Wallonia - 2 suns
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Come and discover, in Queen Marie-Henriette's former stables, a permanent exhibition on equestrian activities in Spa.

The Horse museum

  • Spa Horse Museum has a large collection of objects linked to horses, such as harnesses, farriery and more... Come and uncover an exceptional equestrian past and learn more about an animal that we believe that we know well, the horse.
  • Children can play a free discovery game as they visit the museum. There are family activities and entertainment to enjoy throughout the year: Marmaille&Co, Cultural Heritage days, Forest themed weekends...
  • Don't forget to visit the Musée de la Ville d'eaux, also on the Villa Royale site.

Practical information

Make the most of your time in Spa: these museums offer combined tickets.

The fascinating Laundry museum in Spa
The Musée de la Forêt et des Eaux (Spa)
Musées de la Ville d'eaux et du cheval | Spa

Prices and information can be found at the Spa Tourist Office.


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Wallonia has developed , a network gathering sites offering facilities and/or services dedicated to travellers with special needs. 

This museum is not part of the network but the ground floor is accessible to travellers with reduced mobility - which includes

  • the permanent Spa Story exhibition
  • the Horse Museum
  • the park

The toilets are accessible but not suitable for PRMs


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