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Spa is such an iconic thermal town it gave its name to all spas! A candidate for UNESCO's world heritage, it can be listed proudly along iconic cities such a Bath or Vichy.

A guide tour of the historic centre

The Tourist Office invites you to discover the rich heritage of this fantastic town with professional guides and learn about sites such as:

  • The Casino
  • The Parc de Sept Heures
  • Galerie Léopold II (which pavilion is home to a microbrewery)
  • The former thermal baths

A wide range of activities

Relax at the Thermes de Spa, discover the story of the city at the Musée de la ville d’eaux or at the Musée du cheval. In the 18th century, the quality of the thermal sources attracted crowned heads such as Tsar Peter the Great, which stayed in Spa in 1717.  Spa's most famous spring was even named after him.

A varied environment

  • Thermal waters
  • Springs
  • Exceptional flora and fauna
  • The Fagnes of Malchamps

The town proves cheerful all year round thanks to the the Spa Francorchamps racetracks and festive events such as the Francofolies festival.


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