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Are you a bike packer in spirit ? A cyclist looking for a variety of trails and landscapes ?  Then these downloadable itineraries are sure to inspire you.

What is gravel riding?

The term gravel applies both to the sports discipline and the bike your will use to cycle along unsurfaced, dirt or, as you can guess, gravel roads. Gravel bikes are hybrids: they look like road bikes but have tires adapted to more adventurous grounds, mountain bike like. It’s the ideal bike for paved, rocky and countryside roads combined.  Anywhere legislation allows you to ride! Remember to protect nature on your way – you will find a few tips here to be an eco-friendly cyclist.

Specific markings do exist but not all trails are signposted.

Gravel riding in Wallonia


A wide choice of activities and lodgings

Planning a riding trip over several days? Wallonia offers a wide choice of lodgings – for every mood and budget. Even better, most can be booked online, much easier to check availability and compare with other options.


The « Bienvenue Vélo » (Welcome Bike) network: trouble free journeys

Perfect to enjoy services designed for cyclists and their bike ! Check out our interactive map to find lodgings along your planned journey.

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Advantages :
  • A shed or secured parking to park your bike
  • Repair and cleaning tools
  • Documents, maps, leaflets to explore the region
  • And more !

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