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Sample local delicacies in the form of cheeses, chocolates, jams and liquers. Meet brewers , bakers, jam makers and snail farmers, a delight for those who like to meet the passion behind the product - undoubtedly an important part of the gourmet experience. 

40 Food-Loving Tours in Wallonia - A Taste of the Good Life!

If you love good food then Wallonia qualifies with flying colours. It is easily distinguished by diversity, quality, but also the distinctiveness of its products, their transformation and their promotion.

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46 Vineyards and Distilleries to visit

Belgians are great lovers of wines and spirits which they like to associate with the culinary arts and also with cultural and social exchanges.

89 Breweries to Visit

Belgium is a land steeped in brewing tradition with a reputation that goes far beyond its borders. Historically ingrained in the culture for several centuries, brewing tradition has become integral to our way of life in our regions. Pass Pass

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