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Looking to make your days more purposeful? Or just to empty your mind? You are not alone – here are ideas to reconnect with the world around you.

Serene countryside

The peaceful Walloon countryside proves ideal for a yoga session and there is no lack of opportunities: in Orval Abbey, holiday homes rented for the occasion, at the Tibetan Institute in Huy…

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Silent retreats, popular, offer time to reflect and can be enjoyed in abbeys:

The pilgrims route

The Santiago Way, centuries old, does not require you to be religious: it’s all about enjoying every step of the way, being in the moment, letting go of the weight of heavy thoughts. It can be walked but also cycled!

Another idea is to follow the long distance EuroVelo3 route connecting Norway to Santiago, which goes through Wallonia. The trail is all flat and goes mostly along the Meuse and Sambre rivers.

Churches are plentiful along the way (the Eglises Ouvertes network features 500 in total): places to pray, to simply find peace or shade in or be enjoyed from an architectural and artistic angle.

Meditative path at Villers Abbey

The nature surrounding the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey offer a splendid setting.

While you only need a peaceful environment to meditate, it’s always nice to add a twist to the experience like this one! Along the trail, panels invite you to explore what consciousness is, offer inspiration and explain various sides of meditation.


Find your inner peace in these unique locations.

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