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The search for wellbeing often leads us back to nature. How about a full immersion in Wallonia?

Peaceful paddle boarding

Book a session with to go paddling on the Nisramont lake, surrounded by forests and birds songs. What a way to find your inner peace!

© sup-ardennen

Walking in great company

With their long ears, their inquisitive eyes and their soft white nose, donkeys will steal a little piece of your heart. Why not take a trip thought forests and countryside, walking along them as they carry tent and provisions? The gentle pace will easily fit children. There are many options available; from a half day to several days experiences.

Canoeing at dawn

Jump on an Indian canoe as the sun starts to rise on the Virelles lake and see nature slowly wake up, the rays of light add a touch of gold all around you. We guarantee the day will fill full of promises and hope after that! Contact Aquascope de Virelles to book: it’s also possible to spend a night in nature on site.

© Aquascope Virelles

Forest bathing in Tenneville

The Japanese invented the concept a long time ago… By immersing yourself fully in nature, putting your hand on a tree, on moss, your mind will feel anchored in the moment, your senses will sharpen… Give it a try !

© Ingrid Jusseret

Watch without being seen

Wildlife hides, such as the one near Nassogne, can be enjoyed in woodlands along one of your walks. They offer a splendid view of the region and give you a chance to observe birds, small and big animals, maybe a deer!

Discover other breath taking viewpoints in Wallonia

© WBT - Pierre Pauquay

Hike in nature

One of the best ways to fully enjoy it: walk along rivers, forests, countryside paths, empty your mind and let sensations peacefully come to you.

© M. Laurent

Other ideas

Véloroute - Pèlerins - Herve - Thuin - Circuits vélo - Wallonie

Cycle Wallonia’s UNESCO Route

This open-air adventure, which follows the local ‘RAVeL’ and ‘Points-Noeuds’ cycling network, can be easily adapted to your desires: a gentle one-day ride or a few days itinerary.
Guidon et vue sur la route à l'horizon

Car free days out

Slow down. Take your time to explore Wallonia. To do so, leave the car aside, choose trains, bike rides and walks!
Domaine provincial de Mirwart

Parks and gardens in Wallonia

Wallonia enjoys a wide variety of green spaces. Some are man made! Think castles wrapped in exquisite gardens, gorgeous provincial estates and quite exceptional arboretums. The perfect place to take a relaxing stroll, play with kids or simply dream a little…​​​​​​​

Wallonia's nature gems

Wallonia may be small in size but its range of landscapes, thanks its quite specific geology, proves quite fascinating.


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