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Have you heard of Thuin, a sweet Belgian city with a rich medieval past? Located in the Hainaut region, its belfry (listed by UNESCO), picturesque narrow streets and surprising hanging gardens are sure to enchant you.

Fascinating green spaces

A stroll through the city's hanging gardens, which design was linked to Thuin's remparts, offers a poetic and peaceful atmosphere. Most are now planted with vine plants, managed by the Biercée distillery to make a pleasant, sweet wine. These 200 terraced gardens also offer an artistic trail presenting the medieval city, its past and its architectural evolution through time.

Folklore and traditions

The famous Saint-Roch marches, which stretch over 3 days of festivities, really are impressive. 2,000 participants, dressed in costumes inspired by the Napoleonic era, pay tribute to Saint-Roch, patron saint of pilgrims.

A boat making city

Being located at the confluent of the Sambre and the Biesmelle, Thuin made its fame by making boats. You can learn more about this trade on board the Ecomusée de la batellerie, nestled on a narrowboat.