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why not enjoy a gourmet tour of the Fromagerie du Samson, which production site is in Marche-en-Famenne? Alternatively, head to their shop in Gesves for an assortment of tasty organic cheeses...

Creamery and cheese factory in Gesves

Located in Marche-en-Famenne, La Fromagerie du Samson is both a creamery and a cheese factory. Vincent Verleyen makes between 30 and 40 homemade raw milk cheeses on site.

Expertise, authenticity, tradition are all part of the philosophy of this artisanal site.

Organic cheeses on sale at the store

The cheeses are on sale in the store located in Gesves, alongside a wide range of other Belgian, French, Italian, Spanish and English cheeses. Cold meats of Belgian, French, Spanish and Corsican origin, bread, wine and local delicatessen products are also are part of the treats you can get in their superb displays.

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