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Here are the answers to the main questions you may have regarding the new Pass

What is Pass

This new Pass allows Belgian and foreign tourists to enjoy a wide range of benefits for exploring Wallonia at a fair price.

The Pass offers numerous offers and discounts to be used with partner tourist operators in Wallonia.

It is available as a free multilingual web app. A physical version is also available at the Tourist Information Centre for those who do not have a smartphone.

14 answers about Pass

1. Who can benefit from the Pass

The new Pass is free and available to everyone in French, Dutch, English, and German.

2. How can I register for the Pass

Take your smartphone to consult this page and click on the button below to open the Pass web-app. In the web-app, click on the ‘Install the web-app’ button to save it on your smartphone's home screen. The final step is to create your account within the web app in order to obtain your personal Pass QR code/number. Click on the user icon at the top right corner, or access it through the menu by selecting "Sign up/Log in."

3. I am already registered and I want to download the new web-app. How do I do this?

A new version of the Pass web-app has been released. Rest assured your Pass account has been saved. Simply un-install the old version of the Pass web-app from your smart phone home screen and re-install the new version.

4. I have completed my registration. When will my Pass be usable?

After completing your registration, you will receive an email, your Pass is immediately activated. Log in to access your QR code/personal Pass number.

5. How can I install the web app on the home screen of my smartphone?

To access your VISITWallonia Pass from the home screen of your smartphone, click on the ‘Install the web-app’ button and follow the instructions on your screen.

6. I uninstalled / can't find the web app of Pass, how can I reinstall it on my smartphone?

Rest assured your Pass account has been saved. All you have to do is re-install the Pass web-app on your smartphone home screen.

7. How long is my Pass valid for?

The new Pass has no expiration date. However, the offers presented are time-limited. The catalog of current offers and deals is constantly evolving to provide you with new benefits. Regularly check your web app to discover them.

8. How do I use my Pass

If you have already registered, installed the Pass on your mobile home screen, and spotted an enticing offer, check the conditions specified by the tourist operator offering the discount to avail it.

Go back to the web-app home page and check the section ‘Partners and offers’ and ‘Tips’ where you will find all of the advantages available to you.  

Refer to the offer conditions to learn how to benefit from the desired advantage, either on-site or online:

  • On site, by presenting the personal QR code at the checkout:
    • Go to the home page of the web-app and click on ‘My QR Code/pass-number’. It will be displayed if you are logged in, if not, fill in your email address and the password chosen during registration to display it.
  • Online by entering the promo code mentioned in the offer conditions.
  • Online by entering your pass-number.
    • To find your Pass-number, go to the homepage of the web-app and click on ‘My QR Code/pass-number’. It will be displayed if you are logged in, if not fill in the email address and password chosen during your registration to display it.

9. I do not have a smartphone. Can I still benefit from the Pass

It is entirely possible for tourists without a smartphone to benefit from the Pass

A physical version of the Pass is available at the 26 Tourist Information Centre as well as at a selection of participating tourist information points throughout the Walloon region. They can register you and provide you with your personal card as well as a printout of the current offers.

Your card has a personal QR code. This QR code needs to be presented to the tourist operator on-site to validate of the ongoing offer.

10. I have forgotten my password to access my personal Pass account, what should I do?

Visit the Pass web app, click on the user icon at the top right corner, or click on the menu icon and select "Sign up/Log in." Once you have completed this step, click on "Forgot your password."

11. I have a paper discount from a brochure, can I combine it with the Pass discount?

Not necessarily! Most Pass benefits cannot be combined with other offers. However, each provider is free to accept or decline the combination of multiple discounts. Check the conditions of each promotion carefully to avoid any surprises, and if in doubt, contact the tourist operator in advance.

12. Can my child use my Pass

The Pass is personal. The provider validates your discount using your personal QR code.

If the offer you're interested in is valid for at least two people, you can use your Pass for yourself and your child.

13. Can I lend my Pass to someone?

The Pass is personal. The provider validates your discount using your personal QR code. If someone you know wants to benefit from the advantages, they can also register for free to receive their own personal Pass

14. Many tourist providers offer online reservations. How can I use my Pass in such cases?

First, check the conditions of the offer carefully. Then, we recommend contacting the tourist operator. Some operators allow you to enter your personal Pass number in the field "I have a VISITWallonia Pass" during the online booking process to immediately benefit from the offered discount.

If you haven't found the answers to your questions, send an email to and our team will try to assist you as best as possible. Pass Pass

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