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The ultimate resource for exploring Southern Belgium on two wheels. Download and order 'A Biker's Guide to Wallonia' brochure for expert tips, stunning routes, and unforgettable experiences. Start planning your next adventure now

Biker's Guide to Wallonia

Motorcycle Tours in Wallonia

Motorbike tours cover
Five routes and everything else there is to know about this motorcycling masterwork... Discover great itineraries, scenic roads, historical towns, museums and race tracks.

Motorbiker's guide to Wallonia

To a motorbiker, Wallonia is a place where world-class motorcycle racing, turning points in European history and phenomenal Trappist beers all co-exist, connected by fabulous curves of tarmac. It is a hidden masterwork of motorcycling goodness.

Motorbike Journey Through Wallonia's Wonders

Adventure Biking in Wallonia

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Motorcycle Tours in Wallonia