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Pèket is a favourite, always presents at our festivities and celebrations. Some prefer it plain, others fruity or even flamed. There is one for every mood: violet, vanilla, strawberry, kiwi or caramel....

Peket in the Walloon folklore

Distilled in the River Meuse region, Peket is  especially popular in Liège, where it can be found in all bars and cafés. This drink gets its unique aroma from juniper berries and is usually served ‘on the rocks’. The word “pèket” means “spicy” in Old Walloon dialect; it could also come from the word “péke” which, in certain regions of Wallonia means juniper. 

Arabs are believed to have played a leading role in the development of its distillation.

The symbol of pèket in the Liège region is a man in a blue smock with a red scarf, the traditional clothing of miners and metallurgists... who, in the 1950s were quite fond of it.

Traditionally sold in one-litre clay bottles, it goes wonderfully well with smoked fish or strong Herve cheese. It is - among other places - served at Christmas markets, during the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse Folkloric Marches, the Fêtes de Wallonie in Namur and the #link [node|6065|August 15 festivities] in Liège.

Maitrank and Eau de Villée

Maitrank can be found in the Arlon region. This drink, which recipe is proudly guarded by its guild, has its own celebration the last weekend of May.

Eau de Villée is a lemon liquor, named after the small stream that runs near the picturesque Distillerie de Biercée. The lemons are imported from Spain and mixed with four other fresh fruit brandies before fermentation. It can be drunk neat (and cold), as part of a cocktail, or added to desserts such as ice creams and sorbets to give them an extra zing.


We do have a renowned whisky, Belgian Owl: a pure single malt mentioned in Jim Murray's whiskey "bible". This Belgian treat is produced by The Owl Distillery from barley grown in the Hesbaye region. Since 2004, the distillery has been collecting awards for its fine, quality drink loved well beyond our borders. Pass Pass

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