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Artisan Chocolatier Philippe Defroidmont reveals his secrets in its Durbuy and Erezée boutiques. The museum, visit and tasting promise a full chocolate experience.

Watching artisans at work in the family bakery as a child awoke his passion for chocolate and his respect for such traditional skills. His opened his first chocolate shop in 1984.

The boutiques offer a large range of chocolates, biscuits, macarons, tartlets, cakes, deli range featuring locally made products, teas, aperitif wine, liqueurs and even hampers.

A museum and a chocolate workshop

Come and see the museum and chocolate kitchens in Erezée. The master chocolatier will introduce you to chocolate flavours from all around the world then explain the different steps in turning cacao beans into a delicious praline. Visitors can see the artisan at work through a bay window.

Birds & Bees

join Birds and Bees, a lovely walk to learn more about nature nearby.


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