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This little village in Belgian Lorraine has kept beautiful examples of traditional buildings - a former mill, communal house, school... Most have a light plaster finish giving the streets a harmonious look, completed by green landscapes.

A fantastic cultural heritage between the Ardenne and Lorraine

At the edge of the Ardenne massif, Nobressart offers a lovely range of traditional and more modern houses. Sweet neighbourhoods, each of a few lodgings, unfold around the main street. The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church overlooks the whole village. The façades of many dwellings are enlivened by coloured plasterwork and rough-hewn doors and toned down by grey slate rooftops. The Nobressart river goes through the village.

Outdoors fun

The Trail de L’Elchertoise takes place every year in March and starts from Nobressart. Beginners and experimented runners alike can join this race through woodlands and countryside: there are three trails (50, 25 and 14 km) to choose from.

A picturesque grocery store

The Carnard d’O is a village store just like our grandparents would have known... There you will find terroir delights: Gaume saucissons, cheese, wine, quiches Lorraine, confit duck breasts. This address also has a table d’hôtes and a catering service.

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